2019 Update - Parks, Recreation, and Non-Motorized Plan


The City of Mason has prepared an update to our five-year Parks, Recreation, and Non-Motorized Plan (the Plan).  

Here are some of the questions we wanted to answer:
  • Do we have the right type of park facilities for our community members’ needs?
  • Are our parks accessible, inclusive and multi-generational?
  • Are our parks the right size – too small or too big?
  • Do we have parks in the right locations? If not, where do we need them?
  • Do our non-motorized facilities provide safe access to destinations throughout the city including parks, trails, schools, and commercial areas?
  • Are we utilizing existing public parking areas efficiently to serve both the recreational and commercial needs of our community?
  • Where are the opportunity areas to create more parking that supports utilization by our recreation, non-motorized and commercial areas?
  • How do we pay for it all?
Our Plan will support the necessary policy and budget decisions we need to make to achieve our goals for the future. The Plan also helps us communicate with our regional partners like the Ingham County Road Department, Michigan Department of Transportation, and Michigan Department of Natural Resources so that we can coordinate projects and qualify for grants to support our decisions.

View materials shared at public meetings:  
Please note: If you participated in previous public meetings regarding Laylin Park (2017) or Bond Park (2018), we still have your comments and will be sure to incorporate those into the plan as well.