Parks, Recreation, & Non-motorized Transportation Plan 2020-2024

The City of Mason’s 2020-2026 Five-Year Parks, Recreation, and Non-motorized Plan updated in 2019 was adopted by City Council on February 3, 2020 and approved by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on February 28, 2020.

Now that the plan has been adopted by City Council and approved by the DNR, the next step is to commit funding toward the implementation of projects listed in the Plan and apply for grants. Funding for park projects has been recommended in the City’s six-year Capital Improvement Program. The draft CIP is available here The draft CIP will be recommended to Cty Council for adoption and incoporation into the final City Budget which will include operation, maitenance, and the CIP.   

It has been determined that playground improvements at Rayner Park are necessary based upon public input and research completed for the recently approved Parks, Recreation, and Non-motorized Plan (p. 30-31, and 81) and an assessment of the playground completed by the manufacturer – Playgrounds by Leathers.  Rayner Park Playground has served its useful life.  The wooden structure does not meet current playground safety standards and has preservatives (toxic chemicals) in the wood which has been deteriorating.  The playground is now in need of serious repair or total replacement.  The City of East Lansing totally replaced their wood playground, also by Leathers, in 2015 at Patriarch Park for similar reasons.

The City of Mason will be submitting Michigan Department of Natural Resources 2020 Trust Fund, Land and Water, and Recreation Passport grants to assist with proposed Rayner Park playground improvements. We need to hear from you about this project to be able to apply for the grant.

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Several improvements have been recently completed in Laylin Park, guided by community input. We are down to two remaining items:

Pavilion - After careful study, we have determined that the cost for repairs to the existing pavilion will exceed the cost of replacement. We are looking for community input on this important decision – continue to invest in the existing structure or demolish and replace?

Walking Path - We have determined three options for the new walking path in Laylin Park: 6-foot wide asphalt, 6-foot wide concrete, or 8-foot wide asphalt? 

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Please note: If you participated in previous public meetings regarding Laylin Park (2017) or Bond Park (2018), your comments were incoprporated into the 2019 Plan update.