Code Enforcement Information

The Code Enforcement/Community Resource Officer provides information, guidance and resources to enable residents of the City to comply with the ordinances enacted by the Mason City Council and other laws enacted by the State of Michigan. Following the ordinances and maintaining your property is one of the ways you can contribute to making Mason a great community.

Mason is a community founded upon a respect for our historic past, while encouraging an atmosphere that values family, business, the environment and the arts, creating a sense of place for present and future generations.  (City of Mason Master Plan 2014)


  • Notify the neighbor of the problem and request their cooperation to remedy the situation.  Notice may be in person or in writing.  A sample letter has been provided for your use.  Citizen Letter Template.
  • Click here to file an on-line Citizen Request for Action to notify the City of Mason for assistance. If we determine the City has no jurisdiction over the matter, we will do our best to direct you to the right resources.

Does my neighbor need a building permit for his deck?

Does Mason allow keeping animals such as chickens, duck, pigs, goats, mini horses, etc., within the City?

Can the City help me with the neighbor's tree that is overhanging the property line into my yard?

My neighbor has redirected water from their property onto mine, can the City require that the water flow be changed?

Can my neighbor operate a business out of their home in an area zoned residential?

Can my neighbor use their garage or other accessory building for a home occupation?

May my neighbor put signs in the front of their house between the sidewalk and street?

May flowers, bushes, trees or planters be placed in the are between the sidewalk and street?

Can my neighbor plant any kind of tree they want on their own property?

How long can my neighbor run a garage sale? Can they put signs up on City street corners?

Does my neighbor need to register their rental house with the City of Mason?  Is there a rental registration ordinance?