Status of Active Private Projects


Project Name


318 W. Kipp - Klavon’s

228 W. Kipp - Klavon’s

Building permit active for construction of new restaurant. 


322 S. Jefferson

Commercial Bank – Downtown Mason

Building permit active for interior renovations; restore second entrance doors on Jefferson St.; replace door and add concrete pad at alley entrance.  A second building permit will be issued to restore a doorway on the north end of the façade. The Historic District Commission will review the façade change at their next meeting on January 21.

402 S. Jefferson

(former Baja Grill)

Bids were received on 10/5/18 and project is on track for grant authorization. 

201 W. Ash

City Hall

The T-Mobile contract to co-locate on the radio tower has been signed and a building permit has been issued. Anticipate installation of equipment to begin this winter.

Pending Subdivisions: Enclave at Rayner Ponds (19 lots, 1 park) and Rayner Ponds – Phase 4 (16 lots)

Subdivisions require three stages of approval before site plan approval and building permits can be issued – Tentative Preliminary Plat/Final Preliminary Plat/Final Plat.  Current stage for both: The City has approved a Tentative Preliminary Plat for both projects (Stage 1) and is waiting to receive an application for Final Preliminary Plat (Stage 2).  Staff has received an applicant for a Final Preliminary Plat for Rayner Ponds – Phase 4 and held a public hearing on January 15. 

154 W. Maple

(former shoe store)

The Planning Commission approved the Final Site Plan on December 11 meeting.  Staff is working with the applicant to develop a demolition/construction schedule and maintenance of traffic plan that will minimize impacts to traffic and businesses in the surrounding area.

600 Buhl St.

Ingham Animal Shelter

Building permit active for new construction.

118 W Oak

Former school administration building

Two applications received - one to re-zone the property to C1 Central Business District, the second for Final Site Plan approval for the use of the property as an entertainment venue with an escape room on the 2nd floor and arcade on the first floor.  The application has been returned due to lack of information. Staff will continue to work with the property owner. A new application may be submitted in the future. Project will be removed in next report.

652 Hull Rd

New Goodwill

The City of Mason and Vevay Township Joint Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on Tues, Feb 12, at 6:30 p.m., at City Hall.  The purpose of the hearing is to receive public comment on a request for a special use permit from Goodwill Industries of Central Michigan’s Heartland Inc. to construct a new 15,772 square foot commercial building for a Goodwill retail store at 652 Hull Road. The application was previously reviewed and approved in 2017, however, the zoning permit will expire this month and must be re-submitted for approval in order to obtain construction permits.

103 E. Maple St.

Local Farm Alliance (LFA) Farmers Market has submitted building permits for change of occupancy and signs. The sign will be reviewed at the next Historic District Commission meeting on January 21.

400 S. Cedar St

Harvey Education Center / Mason Public Schools

State building permit active for construction of new addition as part of the Phase 1 Bond Project. More information available at:


MDOT – Ash/Cedar (M-36)

MDOT will be starting the signal upgrade project at the intersection of Ash and Cedar (M-36) next week.  The Contractor will only be installing the signal foundations as this time. Duration:  1 Week Traffic Control/Impacts:  Periodic daily lane closures on M-36 for the Contractor to perform the work.  The intersection will not be closed at any time and traffic will be maintained through the intersection.  The signals themselves and the sidewalk work will take place at a later time TBD.  This 2nd phase of work will take approximately 1-2 weeks and will have similar traffic impacts as the work next week.