If you have sustained property damage or loss, or if you sustained an injury, you believe is a result of the City of Mason infrastructure or staff, you may file a claim for review and consideration by the City and the City’s insurance company. The claim process usually takes 30 to 60 days for completion. If your claim is not resolved after 60 days, please check in with the City of Mason at 517.676.9155 or

Important Reminders
  • The City of Mason does not cover and is not liable for storm-related damage.
  • Sewer backup claim MUST be filed within 45 days of the sewer backup or within 45 days from when you first discovered the backup. You are HIGHLY encouraged to maintain an insurance policy that covers sanitary sewer overflow.
  • Damage related to city infrastructure (streets, potholes, sidewalks, drains, manholes, etc.) is covered only if the City was aware of that issue at least 30 days before.
  • Submitting a claim for damage, loss, or injury does not guarantee financial reimbursement to you. The City of Mason and the City’s insurance company review each claim on an individual basis.
Things you need BEFORE filing a claim:
  • Photos of damage
  • Photos and/or video of what caused the damage
  • Receipts/Paid Invoices of your out-of-pocket expenses or at least two (2) repair/replacement estimates
  • Police Report or Police Report Number (if applicable)
  • Vehicle title and registration
  • Auto Insurance policy and declarations page
  • Documents that show the year, make, and model of your vehicle
  • Photo of the current mileage of your vehicle
  • Homeowners’ insurance policy and declarations page
  • Documentation of specific items/personal belongings damaged or destroyed
  • In some cases, a copy of the deed or other proof of ownership
  • Full medical records related to your injury
  • Health insurance information and Schedule of Benefits
  • Photos of the injury and the cause of the injury
  • List of medical providers who treated you for this injury (include full contact information)
Filing Process:  Choose and Submit a claim form
The type of claim you wish to file falls into one of two categories:  Property Damage or Personal Injury. 
Please only file the appropriate claim form. 
If you sustained property damage and an injury, two separate claims need to be filed.
  PROPERTY DAMAGE: Property Damage Claim Form PERSONAL INJURY: Personal Injury Claim Form
  Includes but is not limited to sewer backups, City tree, damaged mailbox, lost or damaged personal property, damage to your vehicle, or other types of property damage/loss not mentioned here. If you have been injured on City property that was caused by City Property or Staff, you may file a personal injury claim.  It is very important to document where the injury occurred, how and why it happened, what caused the injury, and what body parts were injured.
  Submit the claim form(s) either by:
    email:    OR    mail or in-person to: City of Mason, 201 W. Ash St., Mason, MI  48854

Review of Claim
  • A thorough investigation of your claim will take place
  • Your claim will be submitted to the City of Mason’s Insurance Carrier
  • You will be notified in writing from the City of Mason Insurance Carrier the outcome of your claim
  • The claim process can take anywhere from 30 to 60 business days. If you do not hear back from us in 60 days, please call our office at 517.676.9155 or
  • Submitting a claim for damages, loss, or injury does not guarantee financial reimbursement to you. The City of Mason and their Insurance carrier reviews each claim on an individual basis.