Staff Directory

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Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email
Administration Deborah Stuart City Manager
Administration Dana Martin Executive Assistant
Clerk/ Human Resources Sarah Jarvis City Clerk & Director of Employee and Customer Engagement
Clerk/ Human Resources Jean Spink Deputy Clerk/Human Resource Assistant
Clerk/ Human Resources Kortney Miller Customer Service Specialist
Clerk/Human Resources Paul Roach Customer Service Specialist
Community Development Elizabeth Hude Community Development Director
Community Development Pamela Derby Administrative Assistant
Community Development Billie O'Berry Code Enforcement Officer
Finance Michelle Pietsch Finance Director
Finance Emily Powless Accountant, Firefighter
Finance Jennifer Rapson Bookkeeper
Finance Jacqui Johnson Bookkeeper
Finance Sarah Grier Bookkeeper
Finance HSC Services Contracted City Assessor Assessor
Fire Kerry Minshall Fire Chief
Fire Brittney Fancher Administrative Assistant
Fire Pat Hicks Laborer,  Assistant Engineer, Firefighter
Fire Jennifer LeForge Custodian
Fire John Sabbadin Captain
Fire Matt Wood 1st Lieutenant, Firefighter
Fire Vaughn Vandecar 2nd Lieutenant, Firefighter
Fire Russ Whipple Engineer, Firefighter
Fire Leon Clark Engineer,  Firefighter
Fire Scott Preadmore Engineer, Firefighter
Fire Tom Butcher Assistant Engineer, Firefighter
Fire Scott Etzel Assistant Engineer,  Firefighter
Fire Blake Kalchik Assistant Engineer, Firefighter
Fire Brett Richards Assistant Engineer, Firefighter
Fire Neil Sheridan Assistant Engineer, Firefighter
Fire Randy Auge Firefighter
Fire Jacob Golden Firefighter
Fire David Bayer Firefighter
Fire Tyler Porter Firefighter
Fire Zachary Wooledge Firefighter
Fire Ryan VanArsdall Firefighter
Fire Eric Adaway Firefighter
Fire Chadwick Taylor Firefighter
Fire Jordan Cook Firefighter
Fire Matthew Bennett Firefighter
Fire James Penzin Firefighter
Fire Charles March Trainee
Fire Tanner Miller Trainee
Fire Connor Baughman Trainee
Fire Joanna Parens Trainee
Police Mark Wriggelsworth Police Chief
Police Lynna Walta Administrative Assistant
Police Stella Emens Staff Assistant
Police Joe Fairbotham Sergeant
Police Jeremiah Budd Sergeant
Police Alex Thompson Officer
Police Kevin Bradley Officer
Police Steven Chick Officer
Police Adam Michele Officer
Police Justin Demo Officer
Police Hayden Wildfong Officer
Police Sue Putnam Officer
Police Chris Washington Officer
Police Ryan Collier Officer
Public Works Cindy Wilson Administrative Assistant
Public Works & Fire Kirk Crawford Superintendent, Streets /Motor Vehicle Pool & Fire Assistant Chief
Public Works & Fire Levi Rice Superintendent, Cemetery/ Forestry/ Parks & Firefighter
Public Works Shaun O'Berry Mechanic
Public Works Beau Cornell Equipment Operator
Public Works Roger Pfannenschmid Laborer
Public Works Eric Ream Laborer
Public Works Dillon Allen Laborer
Public Works & Fire Matt Johnson Laborer,  Firefighter
Public Works Michael Parisian Laborer
Public Works Robert Ruttan Laborer
Public Works Colen Armstrong Laborer, Firefighter
Public Works Christopher Johns Laborer
Public Works Anthony Rockhold Laborer
Wastewater Treatment David Fuller Operator
Wastewater Treatment Michael Hersey Operator
Wastewater Treatment Michael Prater Operator
Wastewater Treatment Jeff Rewerts Superintendent, Wastewater Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant Tom Yeider Operator
Water Treatment Plant Bo Moore Operator
Water Treatment Plant Dennis Motes Operator