Leaf Collection Program, 2019
The Leaf Collection Program is a limited service designed to supplement yard waste collection provided by Granger.  Removing the fallen leaves helps to prevent ponding, flooding, and road icing as a result of blocked drainage paths and catch basins.  As a service to our residents, City staff collect leaves in the right of way during this specific time.  You can help the City clear the autumn leaves.
  • Please rake leaves that have accumulated in your front yard out to the right of way, no more than a few days before your street’s collection day; see the Zone Map. 
  • Please do not rake leaves onto sidewalks, roadways, on top of catch basins, or obstruct water flow in any way. 
  • Improperly placed leaves may cause them to be missed during the pick-up day and can create dangerous conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and may create flooding conditions. 
  • All other leaves (like those from side and back yards) should be placed in either disposable paper bags or in trash cans, 30-gallon or smaller, and placed at the curb on Fridays by Granger.  Granger will accept up to 4 bags or cans weekly from each residence until November 30th, as part of their service with the City.

Collections will be mid to late October through November 23rd
An interactive zone map is available: here.  
You may enter your address in the search bar near the top left corner.
2019 Leaf Map Only

 Zone 1 - Mondays        South of W. Ash, West of S. Jefferson 
 Zone 2 - Tuesdays North of W. Ash, West of N. Jefferson
 Zone 3 - Wednesdays     South of E. Maple, East of S. Jefferson 
 Zone 4 - Thursdays North of E. Maple, East of N. Jefferson

*Fridays are catch-up days (as needed)

Pick-up days are coordinated by the Zone in which you live.  If you see City staff in your area a few days earlier or later than scheduled, they are just getting an early start or making a final collection pass in your area.  Please understand that snow accumulation and other weather-related events may impact the City’s ability to run the program.

The Compost Center is available for anyone who would like to pick-up compost or drop off leaves; brush and limbs are not accepted.  It is located at 862 Mason St. and will be open Saturday, October 26th through Saturday, November 23rd; Monday – Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm and Saturday 8am to 12pm; closed on Holidays.   

 RESOURCES:  More Questions? Please contact our Customer Service Desk at 517.676.9155