Capital Improvements Program

A Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is a multi-year planning instrument used to identify needs and financing sources for public infrastructure improvements. The purpose of a CIP is to facilitate the orderly planning of infrastructure improvements; to maintain, preserve, and protect the community of Mason’s existing infrastructure system; and to provide for the acquisition or scheduled replacement of equipment to ensure the efficient delivery of services to the community. The CIP is also utilized to ensure that capital improvements are fiscally sound and consistent with the goals and policies of the governing body and the residents of the community.

Active Capital Improvements Program Projects 

Project Number Project Name Status  Related Documents/ Links
2017-S16 Maple Street Bridge: Replacement Preparing new bid documents to rebid in March 2024 None 
2019-U3b WWTP: Plant Construction  Under construction, anticipated completion 2025 None 
WWTP: Headworks Huber Screen  Preparing quotes  None 
2023-U40 WWTP: Curtis Street Gravity Line  Preparing Bids  None 
2020-P3 Hayhoe Riverwalk Trail –
Evaluation & Repair
Complete, pending final punch list.  None 
Hayhoe Riverwalk Trail: Trail Wayfinding Signage  Recommend delaying to next year due to grant funding options. None 
2020-P9 DDA: Downtown Wayfinding Signage Preparing RFP  None 
Rayner Park- Phase 1 Construction  DNR review bid package  Draft Bid Docs, Draft Site Drawings
2020-P15 Jefferson Trailhead/ Comm Garden  In progress, supply chain delays.   Plans 
2020-P21 Hayes Park: Capital Improvements (Pickleball, Basketball, Path)  Draft bid package prepared, anticipating bidding March  Draft Bid Package 
2022-P2 Maple Grove Cemetery: Trash Receptacles/ Section Signs         Under contract, Spring install  None 
2023-P3 DDA: Tree Replacement  Under contract, Spring install  None 
2017-MVP18 Vehicle No. 24, Dump Truck Ordered, receipt in 2024 None 
2018-MVP3 Vehicle No. 84, Police  Reviewing quotes   None
2023-MVP1 Vehicle No. 88, Police  Reviewing quotes  None 
2017-B5b Building: Library Phase 1, Part 1 Interior work in progress. CADL/City are continuing to apply for a grant to fill the gap and CADL is launching a local fundraising campaign. None 
2018-B23 Planning: Master Plan/Zoning Update Master Plan complete, Zoning in progress   None 
2018-B23a Cedar/127 Corridor Sub-area Plan Bids expected to be released by March None
2019-B2b City Hall Renovations: Phase 1 /Carpet 4Q Project None 
2019-B8 Police: Car Port (7-Car Unit) 4Q Project None 
2020-B4 DPW: Facility Design Build Preparing Bid Documents for Design  None
2022-B1 Ordinance Update: Planning, Subdivision, Signs, STR Recommend delaying to next year due to staff capacity. None 
2023-B1 City Hall: HVAC Controls Replacement In progress None 
2023-B4 Planning: Public Participation Plan & Communication Strategy Recommend delaying to next year due to staff capacity. None

Completed Capital Improvements Program Projects Fiscal Year 

Project No 
Project Name
2017-S14, 2019-S1, 2023-S1 E. Cherry Street: S. Rogers Street to End; S. Walnut Court:  W. Columbia Street to W. Ash Street; E. Cherry Street South Alley: S. Jefferson Street to S. Rogers Street
2017-U27;2023-U1 Utilities E. Cherry Street: S. Rogers Street to End; Utilities S. Walnut Court: W. Columbia Street to W. Ash Street; 
2018-U37 Water: Well No. 10 (Temple St.) Rebuild 
2019-U11 Water: Well No. 8 (Water Treatment Plant) Rebuild
2023-U2 Utilities: Water Service Line Replacement
2023-U3 Utilities: Hunting Meadows and Stag Thicket Water Valve Insert
2023-U4 Water: South Well Tower Chlorine Analyzer
2020-P20 Non- Motorized Program:  Southwest Quadrant
2023-P1 Non-Motorized Program: Maple Street and Rogers Street Stairs Repair
2023-P2 DDA: Sidewalk Repair 
2019-MVP6 Vehicle No. 802, Fire 
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