Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA)

The LDFA Act develops programs and projects which are aimed at eliminating the causes of unemployment, to promote economic growth, and to stabilize and strengthen the tax base. Members typically meet quarterly or on an as needed basis for a four year term.

Authority:  Established through a city ordinance, recorded as Chapter 2-333 of the City Code of Ordinances.

Current Membership:
Tim Ayres, Mason Public Schools
Amanda Fisher, City Appointee
George Hayhoe, Chairperson, Vevay Appointee
Mark Howe,   City Appointee

Gary Naeyaert, City Appointee
Robin Naeyaert, County Commissioner

Jesse Ramey, Vevay Appointee
Robin Smith, LCC Trustee
Ted Stroud, Vevay Appointee
Cheryl S. Wald, Mason Public Schools
Russell W. Whipple, Mayor

Staff:  City Manager   
Meeting Time:  As Needed   
Application to Serve: Found here.  

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LDFA Information and Applications1 document

  • LDFA, Bylaws
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  • 2019.04.12 LDFA Packet
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  • 2018.03.02 LDFA Meeting Packet
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