Local Officers Compensation Commission

The Local Officers Compensation Commission determines the compensation of all elected officials of the City, which determination shall be the salaries of those officials, unless the City Council, by resolution adopted by two-thirds of the members elected to and serving on the City Council, reject the salaries as so determined. Meets on odd years for a five year term.

  Established through a city ordinance, recorded as Chapter 2-226 of the City Code of Ordinances.

Current Membership: 
Heather Badder 

Judy Bell
Marc Jordan
Lauren Kenczyk
John Vercher

Staff:  City Clerk 
Meeting Time:  As Needed
Application to Serve: 
Found here.  

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Local Officers Compensation Board Meeting Information5 documents

2023 LOCC Meeting Information1 document

  • 11.16.2023 - LOCC Packet.pdf
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2017 LOCC Meeting Information1 document

  • 2017.11.29 LOCC Minutes
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2019 LOCC Meeting Information1 document

  • 2019.12.02 LOCC Meeting Packet
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2021 LOCC Meeting Information2 documents

  • 2021.11.17 LOCC Meeting Packet
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  • 2021.11.17 LOCC Minutes
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